I Am A Book

I am a composition 

of all the rhymes

I've ever written.


I am a mix

of all the times 

myself I've had to fix.


Open your eyes,

u and I?

We are books.


Our expositions 

contain different situations.


I am sometimes in tears,

aware that some early years 

already contain so many fears.


Other's beginnings 

and a tad of my own

have shown me that to problems 

we are inevitably prone.


Rising actions 

are the stage of curiosity.

They are a tricky fraction

that desire to be understood fully.


Never be ashamed 

of the conflicts in your book.

Remeber that our covers 

are often judged by the way they look.


Be proud everyday

of the way you've overcome situations.

These times make up our today.

They show we got back from where we strayed.


I am just another book 

placed on this confusing yet beautiful shelf.

By others it's hard to be understood.


But I've grown fond of my story.

I look at my past with glory.


I've bloomed 

like a flower after winter.

Freshly renewed. 


I am made up of

my wise and foolish decisions.

I don't calculate everything

with exact precision.


I am various chapters 

of downfalls and rises. 

My happily ever after?

It'll be full of surprises.


I am not sure 

when my story will end,


but in the meantime 


I want to secure 

its usefulness  to a friend. 


I am a book.

You are a book. 

We are unfinished.

But our writing process,

we must cherish. 

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