I Am a Black Woman. I Am the Resistance.

I am a black woman. I am the resistance

No matter what you try to do to me, I’ll always resist

Life...or death.

My body is the resistance.

The presence of your dominance will never be a form of intimidation.

Not in my eyes, son.

Because your sick, twisted fetish may disgust the likes of me

But I’ll play puppet for now while you manage to break all of my strings.

And when climax turns to falling action, I feel dirty and damaged as if I hadn’t been already

It doesn’t even matter ima let you believe you own me but at the end of the day

You’re the only one huffing and puffing once again like the big bad wolf when you

Blew my house down and tore my family apart in the very beginning.

I know I’m too good for you but I have nothing.

You’ve taken everything from me.

Everyone I’ve loved.

It might as well be easier to kill myself than to put up with this crap

That you managed to pollute inside my brain.

My suicide is the resistance.

You’re so caught up on losing me yet don’t think twice before abusing me?

Maybe when I’m gone the angels in heaven will treat me like the GOD or should I say

GODDESS that I am.

Because on Earth, none of you ever seemed to give a damn

But anyhow, sometimes I just long for the sweet release of death

Because I’m tired of people who treat me with so...much…

Disrespect, but no. wait.

My survival is the resistance.

You really thought I would give up that easy?

Try again you ain’t that special and I am so much bigger. Than. That.

Alive, I take the beatings and you’ll soon see no matter how hard you hit me

I’ll bounce right back up with hate-fire in my eyes

But the strength of a thousand black mothers fueling my mind,

Knowing that one day I’ll be free from this hell and NO ONE can stop me from

Reaching my heaven.

The black woman is beautiful, whether she’s fair, tan, or deep.

And sorry not sorry if I came on too strong

I will NOT let you tell me that resisting is wrong when I’m doing it for not just me

But my black brothers and sisters as well.

And pardon my french but I WILL let this bitch burn while you fear the power of my wisdom

So as a final farewell, I would like to thank you for absolutely nothing

As we all continue to preach

We are black women. We are the resistance!


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I took a class at Spelman College where we were able to discuss the roles of black women during the time of slavery. We learned their means and ways of resistance which I have highlighted some of the major ones within my poem. 

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