I Am Black

I think its safe to say that I am Black.

Even though my skin is as diverse

As a misty rainbow, filled with light and dark.

Look at all those Browns,

It goes from creamy peanut butter, to

New Orleans country dirt.

I don't know what runs through my blood.

I am a mutt of a pure breed world,

Thrown scraps every now and then

Snarling at the brothers and sisters

Who make it into the cushy homes

Lit by warm fires, Knowing good and well

That's all I ever long for in my life.

I have the love, I have the brains, and I have the passion,

But I'm missing the looks.

I could paint myself over,

But I'll be poisoning my soul

Because I am what I am.

You learn to live with it, and you learn to love it,

And often times I think,

Maybe there's too much of me

To be

In a world of light 

because I am Black,

But oppression is white.





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