I Am From Bittersweet

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 15:01 -- MelRoge


I am from many things personal,

From many things pivotal,

Events that shape my life,

Events of pleasure and strife.


I am from things physical,

And from things emotional.

I am shaped from the past,

From lessons that long last,

From a broken heart, crumbled to dust,

Born of naivety, of shattered trust.

I am from bitterweet friendships,

Flames that, once upon a time, burned bright.

I am from nostalgic waves of emotion,

Washing over me in moments unchosen,

Nostalgic dreams, in waking hours, lost.

I am from dreams of love long-lasting,

Dreams of the everlasting.

I am from a rebirth unlike any other,

From beneath redeeming waters.

I am from misunderstandings,

From grudges still standing.

I am from sweet memories,

From daydreams and memories,

Thoughts of the possibilies,

If only he would understand me.

I am from petty arrguments,

From a parent's trust now bent,

From tears, and tears, and more tears,

Nights spent crying hoping no one hears.

I am from the seasons, and the beauties of each,

The memories created, just out of reach.

I am from spring, being born anew.

I am from fall, colorful leaves in a million hues.

I am from summer, longing for winter,

And I am from winter, and its unexplicable nostalgia.


I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma,

My birthplace, though unfamiliar.

I am really from hot dry days

Spent playing in red clay.

I am from a beautiful garden, a work of art,

Born straight out of my mother's heart.

I am from water-color painted sunsets,

From roaming the woods with beloved pets.

I am from dust devils and beautiful ice storms,

From the haunting glow of a raging fire.

I am from leisure and pure laziness,

From being yelled at because my room's a mess.

I am from songs describing heartbreak and pain,

From beautiful music played again and again.

I am from the sound of rain on the roof above me,

The sound so calm and so lovely.

I am from sweet-smelling perfume,

Scents that rouse memories, forgotten and few.


I am from things personal,

From many things pivotal,

Events that shape my life,

Events of pleasure and strife.

I am from memories where I laugh yet weep,

I am from bittersweet.


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