I am a Bird that Cannot Fly

I am a bird that cannot fly

my wings tied down as I look to the sky,

oh how I wish to soar

above the tree tops evermore,

but instead I am locked away in this cage

never able to live only commanded to stay,

I long for the sensation of wind in my winds

but instead I have been stripped of my voice

and can no longer sing,

my perspective on life has only been seen though these bars,

as I sit and long to fly amoungst the stars,

I know the end is drawing near,

I know I must hold back these heavy tears,

I know I will not be missed for long

so with me I will take this song,

no one's ears left to hear my cry

so it will rest where I shall lie,

but now I must say adieu

for there is nothing left for me to do

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Our world
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