I am beautiful when I


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I am beautiful when I am ugly.

When other girls wake up early

To put themselves together,

I wake up to tear myself apart.


Because I am a runner.

Sweat is my perfume

And sneakers are my high heels.


I gasp labored breaths

As salty sweat pours from my skin

And strands of hair stick to my face.


I push my weary body forward.

One more step turns into one more mile

As I trust my shaky legs to keep moving.


Eventually the finish line comes into sight.

Thirteen miles behind me

Only one more tenth to go.


I run myself into the ground

As my body screams in protest.

As I am a sweaty mess.


Because I am a runner.

I am determined.

I am not afraid of sweat.

I can cross any finish line

And I am beautiful when I do.

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