I am beautiful; 

but my heart is locked

from the pains of yesterdays

in knowledge, I do have 

the good and the bad

I get happy and sad 

I get overwhelmed with emotions

of feelings that cut so deep within me,


oh, how my heart

 bleeds out in ink

for all to read about me 

what it is that I feel 

and what isn't seen

on the eyes of hate,


from my own hatters 

I stand up for who I am 

no matter the pain

that comes my way,


I am Beautiful within my soul 

I am elegant yet brave 

but at times I am afraid 

I am a woman of knowledge 

I know I have so much more to learn 

as this life keeps on turning,


I will keep doing what it is I love

even when I am aging with time

I will keep on writhing

 and fighting for me

while the old pen bleeds the ink of me.


Poetic Judy Emery © 1990

This poem is about: 


This poem is about: 


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