I AM .......Beautiful

I am beautiful like the sea

wonderous like a wave

divne like the sunset

I am gorgoeous in my own right

beauty isnt only superficial

it flows and swirs from the inside

and makes my outer beauty shine like a full moon

my beauty sets me apart from ohers

it isolates me on my own island

others cant see it but then again some can see it

look closely pay attention

and let me brighten up the room

when youre in the dark and wallowing in self pty

look up and find that light thats in you

you may thnk youre the ugliest one in the room

but you dont even know

youre that light eveyone is looking for

i searched near and far

beyond the stars

past jupiter

all the way to mars

when all along it was a knock away

beauty is in me

i am beautiful

inside and out

look closely

dont falter find the light

and youll be alright




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