I Am Awesome? Oh yes, I am.

Tue, 08/04/2015 - 15:23 -- Dhall96

I tend to forget about me. We... We tend to forget to remeber ourselves. This is simply not just me, but we. We forget to achkowledge, to pat ourselves on the back, to applaud ourselves for that which we have done. So today I choose to remember. Remeber that... I am awesome? Why yes. This is no longer a question that I ponder. I am awesome. For waking up with a good attitude, for eating a well balanced breakfast, for exercising with my siblings, for complimenting my mother on her dress, yes I am awesome. I am awesome for being me. In fact I am awesome at being me. Choosing me, choosing myself to be the best and want the best, yes for the rest I want that as well but I choose to be awesome for myself. The best version of myself. Acknowledging my flaws and polishing my strengths, I am awesome. For attemtping to be great for attemtping to do what is right for attempting. The beatuy is in the attempt, in the want for better, yes best I will attempt. For that I am awesome. I usually forget because most frown upon this action, this achkowledgement of self worth this praise of ones self, thus I forget to do so. I forget to regard my awesomeness to better accomadate those around me, but I have realized my acknowledgement is for me and by me. I need to remeber what I bring to the table, the conversation, the situation, yes what I bring is awesome. Simply because, I say that it is. I used to question my awesomeness. Today I declare it.

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