I am an Athlete

I am fragile, like a leaf in the wind

I feel pain, I foresee it coming

I know what to expect as I venture my day

Challenges presenting themselves, but I am not running

I am heading towards them, blind as can be

not knowing what lye's ahead

I close my eyes, envisioning my next move

Always have a plan, or end up dead

It is time for me to awaken

Rise and shine

Prove myself worthy ,

Rise and grind

I open my eyes

a new world has appeared before me

one that I can create, one that I can conquer

one with endless possibilities

The power is within my hands

Victory is never out of reach

Failure only comes if I allow it

Sapping my strength like a leech

I stand tall

I look fear in the face

Say, "Is that all you got?"

Then I put it in its place

What I am is not normal

What I do divides me from the normal

As my being is that of a thinker.....a warrior.....an artist

Those opposing me are the only ones whom I have quarrel

Fear is not a problem

Failure is not an option

For I am an athlete

And I choose to make my future brighter than the hot sun


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