I am an artist


Wet the paintbrush

and mix the paint,

apply colour. 


Colours blending, 

Ceasing to become anything other than 

Pure pigment.

I am an artist.


"Your line quality is lacking,"

He says with a puff of his 



The meaning is not in the line,

Until the line is placed with purpose.

I am an artist.


"Your composition is off,"

She says as she sips her



My world is on a slant -

I see something else,

Maybe you should just - 

Change it? 


Empowerment lies within

The choices I lay down 

On the blank slate of paper

That is nothing until

I make it something.


You say I will make nothing

With my life trapped in

A neverending quest for creation.

I am an artist.


And in my art, 

I find peace.





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