As I am, and as I have been.

Wed, 03/04/2015 - 16:00 -- MFrye

In my life I have experienced change with time.

Life, death, moving, changing.

It's all apart of it.

I look into the mirror and look at how I, myself, have changed.

I look into the blue-green oasis that is covered by a sheet of glass.

I look into my own eyes.

I recollect all that my eyes have looked at and have done.

I think of whenever my eyes cringed with joy during my graduation, and multiple holidays, and 


I think of the tears that have built like waves and broken over my skin.

Like waves over sand.

I think of looking at my first love for the last time

and looking at my last love for the first time.

Going down my body I look at my waist that has been touched and hugged by loved ones.

Caressed like a sun hugging a horizon.

I look into my #NoFiltered self and realize how much I expose myself.

Not with clothing, but with putting the most natural form of myself on the forefronts.

I am ever changing, but I am never hiding. 

I will never have a filter.

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