I am

Thu, 09/17/2015 - 20:48 -- Valee

I am quiet, weird even
I am random yet a hardworker
I am absent-minded but compassionate.

I am willing to learn new topics, languages, and places
I am a good writer, a good reader even
I am a good interpreter also.

I am good in chemistry, even biology.

I am pansexual and against all ignorance
I am not in favor of abuse, both humans and animals
I am against all kinds of discrimination.

I am willing to aid in one's needs.

I am with nature and space
- from the moon to the trees; from the raven sky to the brown soil.
I am in love with all animals
- from horses to wolves; from fishes to birds.
I am fond of the sky, it's willingness to cry and sing
-from snow and rain; from horse stomping and thunder clashing.

I am Valeria.

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