I Am

A long hall of flashing mirrors
leers at me. They tell me
I am
rash because I speak my mind
I am intimidating
because I am clever
I am undesirable
because I am unconventional
I am weak
because I am sensitive
I am silly
because I am feminine
I am argumentative
because I am passionate
I am inconvenient
because I know what I want
I am a wreck
because I care.
Mirrors tell me what I am,
but fistfulls of glass tell me
I am
brave because I stand up
I am valued
because I am smart
I am beautiful
because I say I am
I am strong
because I have empathy
I am sweet
because I am gentle
I am powerful
because I speak
I am destined
because I am determined
I am mended
because I was once broken
I am
and shards of glass can’t tell me differently

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