I am from...


United States
38° 55' 10.938" N, 94° 17' 4.65" W

I am from coffee beans and tea bags
From Splenda and strawberry scones.
I am from the bustle of the city
To the pastures in the country
The long green grass tickling my bare legs.
I am from the African Oak Tree
And the purple butterfly bush.
I am from wisdom and Grey hair,
From Vickie and Ronald.
And multi-interest family
And they always try their best
I am from loose religion,
But strong in faith.
I am from the sweaty side of Louisiana,
And the hot land of the south
From the swing on the grand ole Maple
And leaves scattered beneath.
From my grandmas dark, cocca skin
As a baby,
I am from my memories
Kept tight inside my heart
Never to be forgotten,
And never to be left out.



Love this poem! Thanks for sharing!


perfection. :)


This is so good!


To me its great.


wonderful seriously

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

well said

keep writing

Jan Wienen

Confident in opportunity ... enjoying who you are

Jan Wienen

Knowing self ... pretty neat


Your use of imagery is gorgeous!

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