I Am...

Sun, 08/23/2015 - 13:40 -- hallari

I am strong.

When I look at myself in the mirror

I see the person I want to be.

I see all the failures and accomplishments I've

made on my way to now, 

and it's so much more than I could ever expect.

Each new day brings trials and tribulations,

but if I can face them with the same 

attitude I do everything,

then I can push through them.

I am soft.

I bend at the mere sight of love,

and friendship,

and something so cute and soft as a puppy.

Just because I am soft,

does not mean that I am not strong.

I am strong because I am soft.

Because I can look at myself in the mirror

and tell myself that being soft

and being strong are not opposites.

They must be hand in hand to make a human being,

and by being strong, I make as many mistakes

as being soft. 

Soft does not make me a push over.

Strong does not make me a brick wall.

I am strong and soft and 


I will continue to be strong and soft,

because in a world that begs to tear you down,

being strong will keep my head high, 

and being soft will keep my heart open.

I am strong.

I am soft.

I am me. 

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