I am




Like being surrounded by mirrors on all sides

                                     I can bask in the site of myself from all directions                     

I relate this to nothing more than my multiple personalities

What I see are 8 different people.


I see a girl who is strong willed.

She is immune to pressures from her peers

and confident in her surroundings.

She is Strength.


I see a girl who is genuine, heartfelt, and real.

She is truthful to others, while not forgetting honesty in herself.

She is wholehearted, in her actions and her words.

She is Sincerity.


I see a girl who is vulnerable.

She is lacking strength in her feelings towards others.

She is defenseless against the critic inside her.

She is Powerless.


I see a girl who is quixotic.

She is born, helplessly lured into emotions.

She is constantly recalling butterfly driven moments.

She is Romance.


Of all the people combined that would create me, I am my own.

I see that now. In every mirror of my thoughts.

I am caught off guard. I do not know myself.

For who I maybe, I look deeper into the vortex of mirrors that encircle me.



I see a girl who is afraid or herself.

She lets herself go, wandering into places to much for her frail self.

Though she is witty, at times she is not able to find home.

She is Fear.


I see a girl who is beautifully satisfying to the senses.

She is free spirited, leaving a mark where ever she goes.

She speaks through her elegant song, and rhythmic words on a page.

She is art.


I see a girl who is absurd.

She aimlessly speaks her mind, saying things one could only laugh at

She is amusing, diverting her attention to the random kinks in life.

She is Humor.


I turn around, taking a deep breath.

Facing the last mirror. The last part of me.

And standing in my own reflection I see a leader.

She is a child, not only in her free spirit and in her innocence

But is a child of God. She is a protector. A teacher.

She is me.

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