I am From


United States
44° 9' 47.1348" N, 75° 19' 59.0052" W

I am from Washington Township,

From Sharon Moore and Troy Frazier,

From collard greens and pumpkin pie,


I am from football parties and family gatherings,

From singing Beyonce in the family room,

From Junie B Jones and Dr. Seuss,


I am from boom-boom and Jayda B,

From Varsity cheer to the Pro Bowl,

From fat, dirty, ugly to proud, bold and beautiful,


I am from cooks and cleaners

From hardworkers and back breakers,

From Uncle Doo Doo being a Cancer survivor


I am from corner stores and townhomes,

From 4/8/12 and 5/24/12 and 9/23

From missing my loved ones who were the most proud of me


I am from home to home and heart to heart

From tears and pain

From Love and love lost


I am from a big brown trunk that holds my hopes and dreams, 

From fancy pink boxes filled with written secrets.


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