I Am


i am your whisper of strength in the battle cry of your demons

i am the promise of a beginnnig, a phoenix 

i am the end so long anticipated

bittersweet, empowering


i am the ink in your pen that crafts your beautiful words

i am the escape from your haunted house trapped in your mind

i am that smile in the crowd of your animosity

i am


i am that clarity when all is confused

and i will be that rock you can lay against

when the sea crashes against you and threatens to swallow you 

i am the promise that is never spoken but always assured

that you are not dead

i am still here

and you are still alive in that birdcage trapped inside your ribs


i promise

you may call me many things

i am the breath that escapes you when the most beautiful things happen

i am not what you see, but what you feel inside your heart

i am the security in the labryinth of uncertainty

you may call me these


but my dear,

all you may simply call me

is your friend.


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