I Am


I am a young school girl,

Already hiding from the world,

Still this cruel world rushes on,

Sweeping me under the currents of time,

Shaping me, molding me against my will,

It teaches me not to form a bond,

It lies to me when it says everything is fine,

It’s a never ending battle up a hill.



I am a foster child,

My life story is bound in a file,

The world hides from my gaze,

It trembles at young eyes grown old,

It taught me not to trust anyone,

Then it complains when that is the case,

Sometimes I just feel so very cold,

Life has been drained of all fun.



I am a teenage mother,

I’m never going to wear silks and furs,

They told me this would happen,

It is a cycle of abuse and neglect,

The world turns upon me a patronizing stare,

I ignore it and pick up a pen,

With a baby in my lap, I reflect,

How life has taught me it is not fair.



I am a college graduate,

A person’s destiny is not always set,

Walking down the road with my child,

In one hand, I hold a degree of physics,

In the other, I hold the hand of my inspiration,

I went through life’s metamorphosis,

Now, I have a smile to rival the sun.


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