I am From

I am from so much more than something said in five minutes

I am from the wretched houses to the dirty floors that held my only dreams

I am from the dying, dirty, dumps of Detroit that I called home

I am from the purple ocean that is my only comotion, and I can't see blue but you might want to

I am from the white skin that isn't a sin i'm just like the snow in Siberia waiting till the end

I am from the life that wouldn't fit so I made a puzzle out of it

I am from the yelling all the time that pierced my ears till I bled

I am from the way I feel about a girl or a boy is how I feel and no one else

I am from the terrible, treacherous, tangles that are my only nightmares

I am from the scar ridden skin to the bleached treachea

I am from the crying and dying people whos fears were only themselves

I am from the way love is, to the way people fight for what they think love is

I am from the glistening of light that came from within to the camping darkness that rose above me in the end

This poem is about: 
My family
My country


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