I am

Hello I am...

Well I suspect you've probably guessed several 100 things in your head to say who I am. I have never been on a journey of discovery, I have never been able to discover me.I just feel like I'm in a society which requires so much out of me that I just gave up on my journey a long time ago.

I am the girl with clear veins, dry eyes and cracked skin because of all the blood sweat and tears I have pumped into this world.

A world which never sees you, says thank you and turns around to a new day like you were never even there.I have never really been here, I am constantly in one of those dozy dazed days My empty, vacuum like, vessel has been moulded into curves and dressed in clothes to bandage up the bleeding wound of feminism I offer to this society. I am simply a human with a mind,My mind is beautiful, it's so full of all thing I find just simply wonderful,I am always playing hide and seek in this little house I made at the back of my brain.Brick by brick I made myself a place to call home, where I can be alone in a beautiful way.I usually hop onto the thought train then walk past a couple of writers blocks and past the graveyard of socks I made for those socks who never found their pair again.My house doesn't look like much, in fact you might think it a little scary. It's dark in corners where I just sweep all my dirt under the carpet and there are some cracks in the walls where I got a little angry and the mirror but I was never lucky anyway.I am someone who could watch the world walk by and feel like I have walked a marathon myself.I can watch the butterflies in my back garden and feel like I'm flying, I will suspend my puppet like strings on the branches of trees to fly across this world. I can walk through my mind and the world I made for myself and smile at what I can do.I am not really sure who I am but I will always be playing hide and seek so wherever I am, I know I'll be happy. 


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