I Am

I Am I am....A person who has no self controlWho lashes out for no reason, just because I like "trouble"I am....A person who can't keep her hands off a guy for two seconds,Otherwise known as "fast"I am....A person who will never graduate high school nor college,I will be only a drop outI am....The one that gets bullied more than I bully others,But no one seems to care I am.... The statistic that says I will be pregnant by the time I turn 16 I am....A person that is good with every part of her body except for her brainI am....The one that will be hooked on drugs, crack and cocaine with no hope of ever getting cleanI am....NOTHING.BUTI am NOT what everyone else says I amI am more than the names I am called or the statistics that are stacked against meI am MORE than what they say I am. I am....What I make myself out to be I am.... Who God says I am So before you judge me based on what you see, what you have heardAnd what my test scores areYou should take the time to get to know who I really am.Because I am more than what they say I am

This poem is about: 
Our world


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