I am 18

Does life change,

Will I feel different,

Are the colors still the same,

And the world still go 'round.


Small changes come between each birthday,

1-2 Now I can walk

3-4 I'v done this before

5-6 can I have some help

7-8 look I can skate

9-10 double digets what fun

11-12 I babysit a ton

12-13 boy I'm a teenager

14-15 I start to make money

15-16 Mom can I drive

17-18 Now the time is up,

Childhood is gone,

And now they all expect that,

Adulthood has come.


But do I feel different,

Or is life still the same,

Nothing's really changed.

On this special day.


They expect me to act differently,

From the day I turned 18,

In one day my life will change,

And I'll be brought to maturity,

I don't know why people think that,

One day in my life isn't different,

We celebrate with lots of pomp,

And people ask how I feel,

Is being 18 any different,

From the year before,

At the day's end I ask myself

Has my life really been changed,

By adding on an 8,

And replacing that lonely 7.


Do I feal any different,

After the day's gone by,

Does life still seems the same,

Or has childhood slipped on by. 


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