I am From...

I am from where it's white and cold 6 months out of the year

From where you play hockey and ice skate

I am from the place where having snowball fights is the normal thing

Smell of gas where city is so near

I am from the place with apple trees

The apple trees that smell so sweet

Whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own

I'm from the place where soups are made with beets and from a family that is short

From place with mom and my sister that's with me

I'm from somewhere where you hang clothes outside to dry and from a place where you drink tea

I'm from the place where you always wash dishes by hand

I'm from don't talk to strangers and don't go outside after dark

And fight for everything I've got

I'm from where you eat oatmeal every morning

I'm from the cold and where the capital is not too far away

and eating soups, go to a restaurant, or just noodles

From where my birth mom once rode a horse

and got reprimanded for doing it without a permission

Those pictures that are in my album in my drawer

Will always stay in my heart

Where they shall never be forgotten




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