I am...

I am happy,
Sad and plain,
Racing to the top
Of the highest mountain range,
I battled through life,
With an iron fist,
Was tempted by darkness,
But got sick of the twists,

I'm racing with the clock,
I'm racing with time,
I'm racing with my self,
And won't let time fly,

Craving the light that the future could hold,
Wanting to be the best before time takes its toll,
Struggled through depression,
Anxiety and more,
But still held on and stepped through the door,

I'm open minded and tough to the core,
I want to live on the beach and stand by the shore,
I dream of happy endings with no more lies,
But the past creeps and starts to cry,

I made decisions that i regret,
Rehashed memories but do not fret,
I define my self and nobody else,
I am who I am,
Kind and free,
Prideful and dedicated,
The past doesn't define me,

I'm looking towards my future with my feet on the ground,
Going to get an education and watch time drown,

I am who I am and I'm pretty darn proud,
Faced obstacles and stomped through the ground,
I found who I am and who I want to be,
All in all I define me...

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