I AM...


I am a girl

a girl who seeks compassion

who searches for opportunity

who searches for a meaning of reality in life.



I am a african american girl

a african american girl who refuses to be called black

black is color not an identity

black is a derogatory term to people of my race.



I am a intelligent african american girl

an intelligent african american girl who soaks up knowledge through her roots

she is not “smart for a black girl”

she is smart because she doesn't read the lines

she holds the lines as they float in the world around her.



I am a beautiful intelligent african american girl

her beauty doesn't represent the 180° natural curvature of her back side

her beauty is in her mind

the way she thinks speaks writes and draws is her beauty

her thought pattern intrigues herself when she thinks about eternity.



I am a writer, feminist, an african american, sassy, intelligent,

unique, indecisive, tall, creative, open minded, happy, goofy a girl.


There are no word that can describe me otherwise.

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