I am ....

I am from sin

From lies and fits of rage

It tempts me to indulge in my flesh

I am from the selfish desires of my heart

The jealousy and hatred towards my neighbors,

Because they possess what I do not.

I am from people playing church and

Acting like they are fulfilling Gods will

From the impurity and debauchery and deceitful ways.

I am from sexual confusion molded by a twisted form of love and witnessing adultery from a man claiming he knows who God is.


I am from God

From dust to man and mans rib

I am from healing and forgiveness

I am from a desire for man not to be


A bone from his bone

I am just right for him

I am the flesh of his flesh

The helper formed just for him

I am a woman from man

I am from the Ultimate potter’s hand

A design of perfectian, I mean ion

From a selfless father and majestic Lord

From the living water who won’t allow me to thirst anymore

I am from a protector, forgiver and

A God who is love

But most of all

I’m from a glorious crafter whom I call daddy from above 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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