I AM......

I am  

I am a Candle, used to light the way and guide others but often needing guidance myself.

I am a daughter.

I am a leaf floating on the winds of life, subject to the direction of the wind.

I am a mother, trying to beat the odds and raise my daughter knowing mommy worked hard to make the best future for her.

I am an athlete.

I am black circles under my eyes from staying up singing lulabys all night long and waking up early for school.

I am the high grounds when the floods come, come to me and I will give you shelter.

I am a human I make mistakes, I mess up, and I don't say I'm sorry enough.

I am a comforter.

I am a protector of a little heart that sees and copy's everything I do.

I am a student I am a lot like the book bag you carry from class to class. I carry knowledge and truth. I have open pages waiting to be filled with a story. I take the load off you when you're tired. I have compartments, used for various things, some you can get to easily some you must travel deeper to find. But I am always there for you.

I am a bird ready to fly.

I am a Christian. A daughter of the one true king.

I am alive and learning, trying new things. I am a lot of things.

But mostly I am a unfinished story. 

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