I Am!

Wed, 06/26/2013 - 13:57 -- Tyrie5


I am 20 years young

With the power of a king

I am you

And you are me

But we're all the same if you read between.

Oh no

Wait just a minute

Did he say that 

I know he didn't 

But i think he did

He's a huge contradiction.

I am the sea

Flowing freely as the wind

I come and I go

Just as easy as sin.

I am as weak as they come

Traveling to my own drum

I was once the unpopular kid

You know

The kid who sucked his thumb.

But now i am strong

Stronger than an evil spirit

To bad my voice is still soft

No one will ever hear it.

I am now at the point where all things are clear

I just wish you knew one thing

I always wanted you here.

But all in all

I am who i am

And if this poem made sense

Then im not really who i thought i knew.

Im just a free soul 

Traveling through this world of woe

Until we meet again

I never stopped thinking

Just so you would know! 





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