I Am From

Wed, 01/25/2012 - 18:00 -- poet

I am from the invisible body that walls through walls
I am from the hospital rooms that float through my veins
I am from that room that awaits my return
I am from the oxygen that fails to enter my lungs
I am from the sun that never shines when it wants to
I am from that flame that finally goes out
I am from the fairy tales that float in my dreams
I am from that haiku that I cannot write
I am from the hopes that leads my dreams.



The personality in this poem is very powerful and definitely comes from the heart. We all shape our own lives through our experiences and in this poem, you describe the experiences which have shaped you.


Beautifully written! I wish I could say more than this, but I am speechless. Keep writing on my friend.


I agree!


Amazing poem that feels like I've been left speechless


This poem is awesome. Its powerful and deep, i could definetly relate. I actually wrote an I am poem to. Keep doing what your're doing !


love this!!!

it tells alot with just few words.


Very nice

Jan Wienen

You are very special ...

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