I always hated math, now I just hate you


Your eyes are too small for your face and you

look like you should be peering out

from behind a stall

in a highway rest stop 20 miles away from anything.

You made my friend,

my beautiful friend (who is worth five of me and a least a thousand of you),

you made her uncomfortable.

I saw her panic attacks before she went to your class,

I held her and tried to get her to breath normally. To this day,

I want to

slash your tires; bu your car is a rusty, outdated piece of shit.

Besides, it would be to easy, too sad, to pathetic.

You ask us to focus,

the reason we don't is because you class has none.

No focus, no structure, no point even being here. You are incapable of explaining 


I wouldn't have asked if I didn'

know the answer. Don't talk to me like I'm seven, don't treat any of us like that.

Is it any surprise we all hate you?

Don't try and touch my shoulder,

you're not friendly, you're a creep and I wish the school grew some real balls

and fired your ass. All the other teachers are wonderful,

it's just you.

And on more thing,

no one respects you

because you are not respectable, you give us nothing to respect. So don't be

surprised if we disrupt

your precious class. 





*your class has none... jesus I guess I was typing kind of fast.. oh well

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