I Aint No Superstar

Wed, 01/28/2015 - 17:30 -- 2mee


Being flawless is easy for Beyoncé.    She lives a glamorous life of fame and fortune. She made the world stop   with an unexpected album and America went crazy. But why do we as Americans make these foolish decisions to make the world stop for an album but we can’t go out and vote on Election Day? Shouldn’t the whole world be flawless? Should we all wake up to a flawless economy? As Americans we all need to be smarter and make better decisions on what’s important and what’s not. Don’t get me wrong Beyoncé is remarkable artist with very good talent in what she does but, most of the things she tells us to believe in her music is material. Instead of making songs about being “Drunk in Love” how about we make songs about making our economy greener or how voting could be beneficial. I glad to say I woke up alive, I’m glad to say I woke up a high school graduate, But most of all I am glad to say I woke up blessed. Beyoncé music also gives us the confidence to make ourselves feel like we are worth something. “Flawless” teach us how to love ourselves no matter what we look like. “Pretty Hurts” teach us to accept ourselves no matter what anyone says, And for that I would have to say Beyoncé is my Flawless role model  



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