I crave for your thoughts, wisdom, physical attributes, hair, skin

silent and hungry, i prowl through the streets in the bronx

where i'm from

water does not quench my thirst, idiocy of people disrupts me all day

i hunt for your fragrance smell of aroma


i hunger for your laugh

i seek your non stop talk that keeps going on the energizer bunny,

your warm hands that radiate warmth to my cold hearted body

i want to eat your skin tastier than an entree


i want to see to sunbeam flare heat to your thick, lovely body

the sovereign nose to your determine game face

i want to sooth your skin so it doesn't peel like a bad sunburn


as i continue to prey

sniffing for your presence

like a lion on a hot sizzle day in africa

looking for you

for your beauty that defines you as that woman

i find you, you surrender yourself to me

your king


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