I ♥ literature

                                      I ♥ literature      


 Literature is–

As vast as the sea,I can only take a scoop of sip;

As wide as a mountain,I can scarcely peek at true face.


Different culture,arduous literary language,

Hinder me to appreciate famous American works,

But,through the lazy and fast-food style gadgets,

 It comes in handy ,I could sip a bit and now –

Proud of taking a〝super poet〞badge.


Classic is a –

Profound, sharp, or thick original creation,

Passion of love, pity, joy, or sorrow,

Subtle, intelligent, humorous artistic transformation,

Touching transcendent story of universal value ;

And to strengthen, deepen the vision and experience of life.


Yet,prominent writer is not bound to be a secular luckier–

Edgar Allan Poe suffered life tragedies,

But he left a huge, Stunned and mysterious literary castle;


Remember the vivid hateful uniped captain of《Moby-Dick 》?

The story full of metaphorical symbols,psychiatric fables,

Explores the obsession and sin of human being,and

The curse,counterattack that violates nature course–

Such epic legendary novel written by Herman Melville,

Was rejected by publisher many times,

Even the first edition of 1851,only five books were sold ;


Another 19th century poetess Emily Elizabeth Dickinson,

Her left poems on notes and waste papers–

With broken sentences,many dashes,illegal capital and punctuation,

Scorners criticized it as an unconventional grotesque fantasy,

While 70 years later,she was dubbed as pioneer of modern poetry.


Yes,Nobel laurels stand on top of historical waves,

Reflect the shouts and redemptions of grassroots civilians,

Explore the vivid ,diverse prospect of literary masterpieces,

They also bear the supreme honor ,dignity and fortune.


On the long literary road,I am just a leisure traveler…






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