Hyung (Brother)


Hyung,why are you so far away?

A thousand miles away,

you are.

Only on a screen to glimpse afar,

observing your facial features.

Such a brittle face you have,

Compensating to the occupation you churn for.


Hyung,what are your future plans in life?

A dreamer,

Saying you have no dream.

What a hypocrite you are.

You became a singer,

Rather than a saxophonist,

You longed for.


Hyung,do you enjoy the feat that you succumbed to?

Becoming a singer at such a young age,

Not graduating high school in time,

Instead applying to the now on-going on 5 year job.

Is it really what you loath for?


Hyung,your grandma died recently,

While you were in the philippines.

You kept your grief and sorrow,

Building up inside of you.


Trickling down your face,

Moping for the loss in front of millions of people.

Planning to thank your grandma at that awards show,

Just for it to all go away in a mortifying stance.


Hyung,a sax made you feel alive.

Playing in front of people,

Happy as you were,

People smiling at your gratifying performance.

Your friend enfeebled you into the auditions,

Knowing you will make the cut.

He took the sax,

Your prized possession,

Losing your destined occupation.


Hyung,you now want to take over your grandma's farm.

She raised you,

Cherished you,

Took you to school,

And unconditionally loved you.

You let her go,

Not seeing her until,

Her funeral.


Hyung,you then realized the wrong.

Your true dream,

Being with your grandma,

Helping her on the farm.

Not some saxophonist,

Nor a singer.

To help your grandma,


Gone right before you.


Hyung,the past is unbreakable.

Changing the past is inevitable.

Only the present makes who you are.

The past,

Making yourself who you are today.


Hyung,embrace who you are.

Enjoy the dream you accomplished now.

For soon,

That dream will perish,

Just as others,

Dwelling in your past.


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My family
Our world
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