The black community is so hypocritical they complain when a black kid gets shot ,abused or hurt by another race but when it happens in our community  when black kids kill kids none them murders got caught so why to be outrage when only a handful cops are caught there are some who is here to serve and protect

HOW DARE YOU SIT THERE AND COMPLAIN AND CAUSE STRIKES TO POLICEMAN  WHO TRYING TO only protect and serve. when a young child is playing with guns and joining gangs and you all sit around and allow it to happen

you should be more outrage at the crime in the community and start talking to the police

HOW DARE YOU create sit-ins when a policeman takes down a black boy breaking a law sit in the toy store and be outrage at yourself for buying x rated games and toy guns when you see the rising crime

HOW DARE YOU cause a riot when the white man walks free

when I look around in my community I see death i see people scared to walk to the store and teens scared to walked to school cause they might get shot at scared like a lost child in a crowded mall old people scared like when they open the door and saw a lion on porch scared like when they open the door and saw a lion on porch

people scared like a mother missing a child





when we do dreadful things to each other when justice isn't served and wonder why the white man do it to us because we do it to each other it's a shame when can see what a person does to a black man and gets on camera but when it's time to tell on each other we all a sudden catch amnesia when you know you need to open your mouth because your child can't study for a quiz because he looking for a safer pathway  be outrage that it could be your child or your child





when its more black men in chains then where in slavery and don't even think about blaming the cop because it's your fault crime is something they saw growing up how do you expect children to be treated if you train them to be bangers and not doctors or lawyers that would be your justice for Trayvon martin or eric garner cause if we are the future give us weapons of knowledge and not gun training  please just stop it please just stop it

stop being hypocritical it is not that handful of cops who hurt a few pedestrians it is the people and the community who stayed quiet when the good cop tried to help you have to birth justice  give justice then you will get justice



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