Hypocrisy of Freedom

Tue, 04/04/2017 - 23:51 -- nailahg

Land of the free home of the brave

Try and say it at Trayvon's grave

How is it the land of the free  When no one is where they want to be Losing lives day to day How is that okay We can't be too brave When the police got no one to save Because they shooting their guns At tons of the black women's sons We take a stand for our free land Might come back with just one hand   Damn then we got Trump Should have stayed in the slump Want to make america great again Then when After deporting some brave men Doing no harm But you pull the alarm  What cause your race isn't the same How can you point blame People came for new opportunities  Don't know how based on these communities  Like really Trump what are you doing  You got everyone booing Immigrants still gonna be pursuing  So I ask one last time What do you think your doing  

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My country
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