"Do you see the wall standing firm?" 

"Yes, Captain, I can discern,

Around the fortress built up there,

Protection for his evil lair.”


“How should we get in?”

“Listen close my naive kin,

Hide the catapults for now

We have a smaller field to plow.”


“But don’t we want the whole town?”

The Captain looked on with a frown,

“Yes, but solider listen here

There is one way to take what is dear.”

“I’m guessing you would like to know,

Well, before we take our seeds to sow,

we must remove the wall stone by stone

If his soul, we are to own.


If his land will be our homes

For sons and daughters soon to roam

Let our poison drip through the soil

Let us add to his perpetual toil.”


Then these soldiers shook to the earth

For the skies soon gave birth

To a trumpeting noise throughout the land

“See to it that no one takes you captive,” was the command


With grim, the soldiers looked within

The city great and to them sin

To fortify was against their plan

So they prepared, they lept, and ran


Large cannons erected from the walls

Each labeled with deadly cannon balls

The first was titled “The Reason of Deity”

And it struck with the utmost piety.


The next was titled, “The Reason of Union”

And it ministered with enforced communion

The third was, “The Reason of Disarming.”
And it kept the soldiers from harming.


And the true captain was the sight from above

The standard for them, indicative of

Championed life by His every deed

This Captain supreme was ever their creed.


And what was heard throughout the town

A hymn of Christ from sun-up to sun-down

As His word dwelt among the land

With thanksgiving like the sand


“He is…He has…He will

In Him we were filled

With Him dead and now alive

In Him treasure and in Him prize.”



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