The Hyena


United States
40° 55' 47.8704" N, 92° 4' 34.77" W

He prowls the lands in search of residences.
One, does he cozen.
All but one habitent is ornate in his presence.
This cub, so petite, behests his expulsion.
She watches the hyena in disgust as he cheats a path through every creature that unknowingly allows him.
Feeding upon apprehension, the hyena steadily picks off his victims.
The cub, knowing nothing of apprehension, keeps a silent vigil on the hyena as he becomes more selfish with every passing day and every soul, palatial in fear, that he devours.
"Go home." Says the cub,
"Abscond from my lands, as well from my life so I may never again witness your acts of torturous greed."
The hyena shows carnivorous teeth as he grins, conceiving not a single word which escaped from the cub's mouth.
He saunters and begins to cackle, as if the cub were the one to be called delirious.

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