The Hustler- Hades

He’s the one you assume is just dealing with problems,

the kid who hustles others.

Whose poker games and magic tricks led to

close fisted hand overs of money and muttered discontent.

The shade that looms with him wherever he goes,

but only leaves when he’s boasting about his skills.

You assume that he’s got a mask on.

It’s alright to assume...isn’t it?

He doesn’t try to mask the pain the same-

he tries to dispell it completely.

One goal is all that swirls in his brain;

trick others, get money, leave.

But one thing keeps him here, one PERSON.

The only good person he has met who treats him the same:

as a person.

She’s got more pain than him, but she keeps her head up.

She’s the fighter, the lover, and the comforter, all in one.

Hades...rein in your queen of darkness.


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Our world
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