Hustle* Hustle* -Goes the Kingdom That Never Sleeps

Ring! Ring! -Goes my alarm as I jump out of bed,

Oh go the ache, what is with my head.

Thud. Thud. -Go my feet on the floor,

Should I wear this, or?

Splash~ Splash~ -The water on my face,

This is the interview I’m going to ace.

Sparkle* Sparkle* -Shoot! I almost forgot my ring,

My sister holds up my keys, don’t forget, you’re a Ling.

Click^ Click^ -Go my heels on the path,

Tonight, I should really take a bath.

Woot# Woot# -Goes the train at the tracks,

“The Queens bound train is arriving, please stand back.”

Bling* Bling* -Goes the flash of his teeth,

I’m on the train, I can finally breathe.

Mumble` Mumble` -"Grand Central, next stop 59th street,"

I wonder what I am going to eat.

“Cringe” “Cringe” –As I feel the hot air against my neck,

Move to the side, construction again, what the heck.

Hustle* Hustle* -Go the thoughts in my head,

I hear a whisper, “I wish I was in bed.”

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