The Hunt

The night is full of bright stars.
Moon as white as the fang of a predator.
Who howls the call to all of his subjects?
All arrive in colors of black and gray.
All ready for the long journey of untold perils.
First the leader greets his followers.

Those who agree to his stance are shown mercy,
Those who dare to challenge are faced with untold strength and pain.
When all is right in the gathering,
The leader howls the hunting song.
His family howls along in excitement,
They could be lucky in this hunt.

The leader head's out at a steady pace.
Behind him are the stronger of his people.
Behind them are the less strong,
But all willing to risk their lives to feed the pack.
A head wind tells the hunters that food is to the north.
They follow hoping the numbers will be great.

They come to a herd of bountiful prey,
Many are strong but there is always a weak link.
Approaching the herd to make them run,
The pack spreads watching for the first too run off.
The elk run in different directions.
Some hunters will follow the left,
Others the right,
All searching for the weak, old, or ill.

One is found.
All leave their search to help their fellow friends.
All follow the prey,
Never letting it go,
Keep the prey running,
Wear it out,
Then close for the kill.

One bites the prey slowing it till his brothers come to help,
All jump biting, bleeding the fallen prey.
The hunt is done.
Now they eat.
But soon,
The wolves will hunt again.


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