Hunger Eased, But Never FulFilled

Trembling limbs, deep breaths, trying to stay calm.

Warm lips;  wandering hands, clothes slip down to the floor.

My soft voice asks the question; his, surprised, answers.

Years of fears disappear, years of love surface to heat the morning.

Never had I felt so free, never had I felt more alive.

He showed me the side of love I refused from so many others.

The energy flowed between us, like electricity zapping between the sheets.

His powerful arms moved me, his experienced mind taking the lead.

The innocence I treasured so much was handed over in a golden halo as the sun rose higher to light the room.

Love and life taking course as they intertwined the way we did.

Passion and love and tender carresses; it all lasted briefly in the moment, but forever in my memory.

As we drifted apart in the sea of blue sheets, I smiled, knowing all the waiting had been worth it.




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