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Hunger is a longing,
a need to be held,
a desire to be loved.
It burns like a flame,
never satisfied, never quenched.

Hunger is the twisting, crippling pain of starvation,
the plea for a crumb of bread
or a morsel of meat.
Left unsatisfied, it consumes,
eating away at strength
until finally it has its way.

Hunger is the motivator;
the strength behind determination.
It goes by many names:
desire, need, want,
pain, love, hate.
Fire, however, is my name for it;
it cleanses, strengthens, purifies,
consumes, and destroys.

Hunger is fire.



Hunger is an issue that is more present in the world than many people care to think. Using poetry as a way to tell people about issues like hunger is great! Nice work, and be sure to check out "poetry writing tips" in the "resources" section for even more poetry writing ideas!


Thanks, I will!

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