Hundreds of Lives

Wed, 10/28/2015 - 12:33 -- agal98

I am a princess left in the highest tower

I am a dainty growing flower

I am the lead singer in a band

I’m the known outlaw in the land

I’m a girl who is locked in a room

With a man and a gun, she’s going to die soon

I’m a girl who likes to tease her sister

Over the fact that she’s found her mister

I am a girl who dances on the bar table

Who laughs and sings as long as she’s able

I’m a boy, a thief in the streets

Robbing everyone that he meets.

I’m an orphan on the streets of London

Finding nothing, praying for somethin’

I’m a dancer who life has turned;

Her boyfriend is married, she just learned

I am all these people and many more besides

For, you see, I’ve lived hundreds of lives

I am an actress, this is what I do

I make other people’s lives come true.

I feel their joy, I feel their sorrow

I feel the loss when they won’t be there tomorrow

I act their lives, but they’re a part of me

As essential a part as there ever could be

When I get onstage and speak my lines

They are with me all the time

I’m not crazy, I’m just speaking the truth

These people are as real as me and you

And as I live their lives each night,

They continue to stay alive

When the curtain closes, and the performance ends

I have found myself some inner friends

So, who I am, you ask. It’s hard to tell

There is so much to me, but I’m them as well.

For when you share in someone life,

There is no chance of saying goodbye.

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