Humans are Not Butterflies

The elegant and graceful butterfly

So quaint and exquisite

So... bilaterally symmetrical

Humans are bilaterally symmetrical too

But humans are not butterflies

Maybe it is the eyebrow that is just a bit more arched than the other

Maybe one arm is longer than the other

Or maybe it's the ever-so larger nostril


The universe is full of flaws

But we are too busy to see the beauty in blemishes

Because we are too occupied hiding our own

Perhaps it is in our nature

To be selfish and self-absorbed

The most desirable traits are the ones that involve selflessness

Much like the traits of a pollinating butterfly

But humans are not butterflies


Butterflies taste with their feet

Never tasting pizza in their short lived life

At no time did they get to relish in the beauty of their flawless wings

Because ultraviolet colors do not capture their real charm

Not to mention they are only symmetrically perfect one way


Humans are not butterflies

Our individual eyes are blind to these flawed creatures

What's so great about a bug anyway?

If they're imperfect too,

You might as well be able to enjoy the taste of pizza


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