Kira eats with chopsticks, Steven uses cutlery

Kevin likes his food dry, Mike likes it buttery

Mark uses an alphabet similar to ours

Chang uses line patterns to represent words


Mary can't run 10 miles, but can calculate instantaneous velocity.

Lulu can't multiply well, but she can circumnavigate the city

Kyle likes guitars, drums and synths.

Tony just wants a rhyme to sing.


Alex likes superheroes, robots and ninjas.

Kristen prefers drama, emotion and romance

Ash likes to use a tablet, Bob wants paper

Lida uses pencils, Ky uses a marker.


We are all different, yet we are the same.

We have different likes, different looks, different names.

But if there is one thing that binds every one of us.

It is that  we are homo sapiens...we are all humans.



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