Humankind/Kind Human

Fri, 02/02/2018 - 19:19 -- kduv10

To Humankind,

It was not a human hand,

That rolled the planets into spheres

And placed them side by side.

It was not our fingers

That danced across the sun,

Nor our passion that filled it with its fire.

And it wasn’t our tears, our hardships, or desires

That filled every ocean.

Our eyes are not the colors

That make up the northern lights,

And our heaving chests are not the mountain ranges,

That stretch across the land

Our blood did not erode the path

For the rivers,

It has simply polluted them.

So tell me,

If we had no part in the creation,

Why do we claim this world,

This universe,

As our own.

Because our brains are so,



If human’s brains are the best of the universe,

Tell me, why do we still shun anything diverse

Why do we still discriminate based on the color of our skin?

Based on the sounds of our voices,

Based on the tongues that we speak in?

Based on our religions and choices?

What’s it to you what gets me on my knees.

If we are so advanced,

Then why is it justified to claim other humans as our own.

Treating people like an acquisition

What’s between our legs does not dictate our submission.

Human’s can penetrate the moon’s crust

With their flags, and their power,

And call it their own.

But my body is not the moon,

Her body is not the moon,

His body is not the moon,

Our bodies are not yours for the taking.


As a matter of fact,

Neither is the fucking moon.

We walk this earth as if we are entitled to the ground our feet leave imprints on.

The same imprints that will be washed away

By the rain,

By the tides,

By the earth’s attempts to heal itself.

Because she will be here far longer than we will.

We are entitled


To our brains,


And thoughts.

And the only things

We should ever own

In this universe

Is owning up to our own

Goddamn actions.



A kind human


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