Humanity (Rant On Being A Double Minority)


Everyday we live our lives in dichotomy
Will my decisions be wrong or right
Straight or gay, fat or skinny, black or white
If only things could be this obvious
Trayvon was killed, and he walked
Right or wrong? The jury chose the earlier
My life is an abomination, at least in their minds
Wrong or right? Some let that book decide
They say im wrong for loving my kind
But wasn't that rule made by man, and doesnt man lie?
Ive cried because black and gay is like two strikes
Abnormal, the faggots, and the dykes
But throught it all, battle scars involved
Ive learned I am my own god
I dont mean I created it all
I mean I do what I want, when I want it, I control me
Ironically, human nature to nuturing human: dichotomy
I never understood why one mans ideology rules all
Wouldn't a wise man find flaws in them all?
But that's life, better yet humanity
Right is what you can get away with
Wrong can be masked with vanity
No one, though, wants to believe
The number one dichotomy
Is a "human" right if it's white. my tone, hell no
Is a human hetero for the win, and homos lose it all
Maybe its all in my head, its all ok
To be in america, black and gay
Though my family discriminates
And my "masters" covertly hate
Life is so ironic
They hate me, they hate us
But that's life
Humanity = the smartest form
Guess life is dumb
life without balance would bore
But I swear, it's all hate, no love after war
They want my left and my right dead
Good luck with that
Im stronger
Because the irony, though they dont see it the same
Humanity adapts to change, and I learn everyday


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